Supporting girls in Tanzania

Girls in Tanzania

Kiota is an independent charity set up to raise project specific funds for Kiota Women’s Health and Development (KIWOHEDE), a Tanzanian organisation working for the rights, health and development of women and children in Tanzania.

KIWOHEDE works at community and structural levels, aiming to ensure that women, youth and children have the opportunities and skills needed for a future without abuse, exploitation or poverty.

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Our students of 2017

A large group of students standing outside a school
A small group of students playfully posing for a photo

Meet our students of 2016

Our students of 2016

Last year we started a fourth class for the first time, and are currently supporting the education of 120 students at the school, in comparison to 77 in 2015. All registered students are selected on the basis of need. They are from poor families, struggling single parent families, are orphaned or have very minimal family support.

As well as providing secondary education, the school aims to prevent early marriage, unwanted pregnancy, child prostitution, dangerous child labour and gang involvement, and targets those most at risk of abuse and hazardous labour.

In 2016, we funded:

  • 120 young people's education at the KIWOHEDE Open School, in four classes
  • salaries for four teachers and two security guards
  • stationery, teaching aids, equipment and exam costs
  • a snack each school day for every student
  • sports sessions
  • school trips
  • electricity and water
  • medical costs, so far this year including for skin infections, urinary tract infections, coughs, dental problems and sports injuries
  • building improvements when needed. Before the school year started, two large hall-sized buildings were divided into four good sized classrooms to accommodate the new class four.

Over 10 years of supporting marginalised young people in Tanzania

Over the years we have funded water and community health projects, building projects and we are now several years into funding a secondary education project. Read about our previous work

A huge asante sana (thank you very much in Kiswahili) goes out to all of our partners, supporters and volunteers, without whom this small, kitchen table charity wouldn't have been able to achieve so much. It has been an absolute privilege.


If you would like to volunteer with the running of Kiota in the UK, please get in touch — we’d love to hear from you.